Hamilton Heights Middle School Robotics

Class Room Robotics

Hamilton Heights Middle School offers a compete offering of robotics classes during the school day.

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Competitive Robotics

Vex Competition team 214 currently has 7 teams that compete on a state, national and world level.

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Brett Bailey - Middle School Principal

I wanted to add this program because I saw an opportunity to connect authentic student passion and interest with a field of study that holds enormous potential and real life experiences for our students as they learn how to solve problems, think critically, program, work as a team, and compete at a high level. If a middle school boy or girl can have a positive and memorable experience with STEM, he or she is much more likely to pursue those interests in high school, college, and at work. If we can help students create an innovative and creative vision for their future, they have a good chance at being successful adults. After three of our student teams qualified for the World Championships this year, a dad of one of our participants told me his daughter shared with him that being called to the stage to receive the Design Engineering award for the state of Indiana was one of the top 5 moments of her life. If we can work together to provide “top 5 moments” for our students within the STEM world, we are doing our jobs to help our kids become the best version of themselves.


Is Your Student Interested In Robotics?

Our robotics program is growing in leaps and bounds.  If your student is interested in getting involved, drop us a line and we will find a place for them.