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"Great Kids Doing Great Things"

"Hamilton Heights School Corporation is extremely proud of the success of our Robotic Teams.  The success of these teams is a great example of our motto of “Great Kids Doing Great Things”.  The Robotics program is an example of our belief that our schools can have a positive, life-long impact on all students that empowers them to become the best version of themselves. In HHSC we want our students to be capable of adapting, persevering, and contributing meaningfully in their local and global community.  The Husky Robotic program accomplishes all of those things." - Derek Arrowood, Superintendent HHSC


Our Story

Fall of 2017, Hamilton Heights made the decision to begin offering robotics classes at the middle school level.  Lacy Bowyers was given the task of developing the programs for the classroom and for a possible club.

January 2018 was our first competition.  The idea was to go and just have fun.  Little did we know that it would spark a competitive fire in our students.  Not only did we show us, but we found we were extremely competitive.

After a couple competition three of our teams qualified to go to the Vex Indiana State Championship.  Again, the thought was to go compete, but our plan was to just gain experience.  Once again, we were more competitive than we thought and three of our teams qualified to go to the Vex World Championships.

All three teams were very competitive on the world stage.  One of our teams finished in the top 30 teams in the world.

As for "214" ??? Mrs. Bowyer needed a team number.  She simply used her class room number and the rest was history.

Heights Gear with Team

Vex IQ Middle School Program:

Hamilton Heights Middle School continues to add more students and more teams to the program.  In 2019/20 Team 214 has 8 competitive teams.



Vex VRC High School Program:

In 2019, Hamilton Heights will add it's first Vex VRC Teams.  These teams will be made up of students that have already made it to the World Stage as well as introducing new students to the opportunities of robotics.

Vex IQ Elementary Program:

In 2018, Hamilton Heights added an Elementary Vex program.  This will allow students in the Elementary age the opportunity to learn about our program.

Meet the Team

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” ― John C. Maxwell


Lacy Bowyers

2018 VEX Indiana Mentor Of the Year

Middle School Teacher - Coach - Mentor


Chad Jung

Middle School Parent - Coach


Melissa Martin

High School and Middle School Mentor

Next Steps...

Are you interested in being a mentor or coach for our program?